Monday, April 7, 2014

Golems, Organ

Organ golems are the product of hideous techniques recorded in the second part of The Hidden Metamorphoses, a heretical text dealing with the occult principles of life. Their creation involves extracting intact organs from living mammals and developing them into autonomous entities of diverse utility.

Frequency: Very Rare
No. Appearing: 1
Armor Class: 7
Move: 12
Hit Dice: Variable
No. of Attacks: 2
Damage Attack: 2-12/2-12
Special Attack: Blood Drain
Special Defense: No
Magic Resistance: No
Intelligence: Semi
Size: Variable

A Sanguinary is a swaying, pulsating, web of arteries and capillaries, roughly humanoid in shape. Its spoor is a rust-colored dappled pattern of droplets it leaves on everything it touches. Sanguinaries vary in size, beginning with 1/2 the hp of their former host. They attacks by pressing their twisting and writhing capillaries against the flesh of a living victim, which drill beneath the skin in search of blood. When it scores a hit, it adds any hp it deals in damage to its own total up to a maximum of twice its starting total. It may continue to drain blood after this point, which pours in spurts from its engorged tendrils.

Sanguinaries are ruled by their ceaseless thirst. They required 5 pints of blood per day, and without blood perish within 3 days. For this reason, they willingly serve any master who provides (and withholds) their gruesome sustenance. They are created through the 7th level vivimancer spell Create Organ Golem. This spell is contained in the second part of The Hidden Metamorphoses. It requires a working laboratory of at least 2000gp value, a living victim, a tub of elemental earth, and a pint of aboleth semen. The technique involves first liberating the intact cardiovascular system from the living victim. Needless to say, this process involves terrible life sustaining magics, and requires mastery of anatomy, surgical precision, and an iron stomach. Once the cardiovascular system has been removed, the bleeding heart along with its veinous root system must be carefully buried in the elemental earth that has been fertilized in advance with the potent semen from the Aboleth. If the heart bulb is properly tended for a month, it will sprout a strange growth, blossoming within a fortnight into a Sanguinary ripe for the harvesting.

Nervous Engine
Frequency: Very Rare
No. Appearing: 1
Armor Class: 9
Move: 10' (See below)
Hit Dice: 100 hp total
No. of Attacks: 3 per node (See below)
Damage Attack: 1-10/1-10/1-10
Special Attack: Spell
Special Defense: No
Magic Resistance: No
Intelligence: High
Size: See below

Nervous Engine is a complex network of nerve fibers running from a cerebral crown, consisting of a fleshy ring of fused heads. These nerve fibers terminate in spatially distant nodes. Each node is a cluster of sense organs and dangling ganglia. These organs cluster in corners, and can be hidden behind fixtures if desired. The nodes may be installed within a 1000' radius of the crown, although nerve fibers must be run from the crown to the site of each node. The total hit points of the nervous engine is divided between crown and nods. Up to nine nodes may be installed. Each node possesses 10 hp of the total, with the crown possessing the remaining amount (minimum 10 hp). Should the fibers connecting any node to the crown be cut, that node automatically dies.

Only a specially prepared subject (usually the vivimancer himself) may don the crown. To do so, a ring of removable flesh plugs must be installed in the wearer's skull. When the wearer removes the plugs and dons the crown, its tendrils make direct contact with his brain. This enables him to sense through the organs of all nodes. He may also direct the dangling ganglia to attack, which can extend 30' from the sense organ cluster. They attack by transmitting agonizing electrical pulses into the nerve fibers of the victim. Finally, the user may cast mind affecting spells through the organ cluster targeting any perceived victim. If a node is destroyed while a user wears the crown, he must save vs. death magic or suffer 10 hp damage as well.

The creation of a Nervous Engine is a ghastly affair. Like, the Sanguinary, they are generated through the 7th level vivimancer spell Create Organ Golem, found in the second part of The Hidden Metamorphoses. This requires a working laboratory of at least 3000gp value. Five victims must be procured and placed into long term deep slumber, usually through use of the 3rd level vivimancer spell Slumber. The victims must be arranged in a circle, with their heads dangling into a protoplasmic bath infused with the royal jelly of giant bees. Through painless surgical incisions, the brain casing of the subjects are exposed to the fluid. Within two weeks, a tough and fleshy growth will sprout form within their skull cavity, beginning to fuse the heads. At this point, their bodies will begin to rapidly waste away, sloughing off in two more weeks. In the process, all their hair is shed, and cauliflowers of neural matter sprout from every orifice. When the heads are fully fused into the cerebral crown, the neural fibers may be drawn out, and the distal nodes cultivated. The whole process of growth takes two months of active tending.


  1. I'm diggin on that Sanguinary. They're both great, actually. Are you going to publish these? I would love to put them in Underworld Lore #4.

  2. Greg, that would be an honor! Let me investigate further. (This is thematically connected to some stuff I'm publishing in a Gavin Norman thing.)

    1. OK, let me know. In the midst of laying out the issue. Should be ready for consumption before the end of the month.

  3. Greg, let's do it. I've sent you a message on G+