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The village of Loktole (3906) is located on the north bend of the Yex River, where it turns towards the Swamp of Many Eyes. (Background on the region in which Loktole is located (and a map) can be found here.) It receives river trade from Rastingdrung to the east on the shores of Lake Wooling, and Elmswood to the south. Goods travel to and from the seaport Wolsdag over land from here. Recognizing the importance of the location, the Grim Duke seized power here two decades ago in the name of the Invincible Overlord. The local militias were put to the sword and their farmlands distributed to conquering soldiers. The village population is thus divided between the newly settled ex-soldiers and the original inhabitants. The new inhabitants brought with them the worship of MANA YOOOD-SUSHAI, the slumbering god of the Temple of Pegana revered by the Grim Duke and his men. Before their arrival, the original inhabitants worshipped in the Cult of Man. Some of the original inhabitants have converted to the new religion to get ahead or avoid trouble, but many have retained their faith and continue to secretly practice their ancient rituals.

Rogues Gallery


Torkamedes the halfling is the envoy of the Grim Duke in Loktole. He combines a smug and vengeful disposition with extremes of incompetence. The Duke’s motive for placing Torkamedes here is to tempt the Chatelaine into foolish action, for which the Duke is well prepared. Naturally, Torkamedes believes himself to be well respected and feared by all. He and his wife are pious followers of the Temple of Pegana, and hold in contempt the views of the older residents. Torkamedes’ wife is, if anything, even more haughty and obtuse.

Master Yevo

Master Yevo is the sole apprentice of the Silent Evoker, the powerful vizier of the Grim Duke, whom he fears and loves in equal measure. He is stationed in Loktole supposedly as advisor to Torkamedes, but in reality he holds the reins of power as the Evoker's eyes and ears. Yevo’s easy smile and warm disposition conceal his calculating nature. He is thin and pale, favoring loose and open shirts. On his chest are tattooed a series of pentagrams and magical symbols that function as bracers of defense AC 2. Around his neck he wears the Cloven Sigil, an ancient bronze medallion shaped as a half moon that is set with an enormous Chrysophite. This amulet glows as per a light spell, dispels magic, and grants the wearer ESP once per day; it also allows the wearer to contact the bearer of the amulet’s other half, which is worn by the Silent Evoker.

Guildmaster Quando

Guildmaster Quando is the representative in Loktole of the Merchant’s Guild. He is a heavily set, lavishly dressed man. Quando is capable and shrewd, and is actuated primarily by self-interest and secondarily by guild interests. Although he sides with the older monopoly holding faction of the guild, he also maintains some contacts among the new enterprising faction as insurance. He is currently in a pissing contest with Torkamedes over tariffs, and sometimes passes information on to the Chatelaine when doing so would benefit himself or the guild.

At all times, he wears two elaborately carven rings whose fate is joined, one on the ring finger of each hand. The Ebon Oculus bears an open and shining eye that allows its wearer to detect lies and alignment each 1 time per day. The Horn Veil bears a slumbering eye that protects its wearer against all attempts at scrying and ESP. Should either of the two rings ever be worn apart from the other, it is cursed. Then the Ebon Oculus misleads its wearer into thinking his friends are enemies and enemies friends, and the Horn Veil reveals its wearers guilty and treacherous thoughts at the most inopportune moments.


Markopt is a Wayfarer, a fanatical devotee of the Cult of Man. His sometimes home is a secret shrine in the wild woods outside Loktole, where the faithful conduct their ancient rituals. He has put them in touch with fellow cultists in Fathine, Elmswood, and even depraved Rastingdrung, where a few brave souls practice in secret, hazarding elaborate tortures at the hands of the Scarlet Censors. He belongs to the anarchical faction, and is constantly watching, learning and probing the schemes, and secret weaknesses of the Duke, Chatelaine, and Guildmasters. He is often on the move, and he knows many ancient and forgotten things. Although he looks young at first glance, the deep lines etched in his brow, and his hard grey eyes belie this appearance. His greatest praise, given sparingly, is to refer to someone as a “human human”.

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