Thursday, July 11, 2019

How are Issues 1 & 2 of Through Ultan's Door Connected? And other news

First, some news: 

1. DriveThruRPG has finally approved the PDF of Issue 2 of Through Ultan's Door. You can now purchase electronic copies of the zine here.

2. I have heard the voice of the people, and chosen to add shipping directly from my Big Cartel store to Canada. Note: it is not really any less expensive than buying it from the Melsonian Arts Council, and I'm not sure how much faster it'll get there. But should you want the option to buy it closer to home, you can now do so. Everyone else outside the U.S. should go to The Melsonian Arts Council.

But now, on to the main topic. I've received some questions about the Catacombs of the Fleischguild featured in issue 2 relates to the Ruins of the Inquisitor's Theater in Issue 1. The short answer is that the Catacombs are down river from the Ruins of the Inquisitor's Theater. If you just hop in that ornate green canoe at area 25 of the Inquisitor's Theater, and paddle with the current downstream, in 15 minutes you will find yourself at the entrance to the Catacombs of the Fleischguild.

Originally, I had been planning on including a map of the sewer river with issue 2. But it's a point crawl map, which necessitates descriptions of quite a few nodes, and a big old encounter table. It proved to be too much material to include in issue 2, and I decided to bump to issue 3. I was also encouraged to do this because Gus drew a crazy great map of the sewer river that really fired my imagination. So this made me want to give it the space to breath in an entire issue. This has produced the awkward situation that I'm giving you a second dungeon on a pointcrawl map without giving you the map or rules for transit between destinations. C'est la vie.

A Teaser of one part of Gus' deliciously crazy sewer map

I will try to rectify this by making some more material about the sewer river available here in advance of issue 3, which is, naturally, still a long way off. But it's worth saying this too:

The Ruins of the Inquisitor's Theater is intended as a slow burning entree into the strange world of Wishery that lies on the other side of Ultan's Door. The Catacombs of the Fleischguild is different. While it "lifts the curtain" on further mysteries of Zyan, it is much more of a self-contained "jewel box" of a dungeon. For all its implied Zyanese theology and culture, it is more amenable to being dropped in to existing campaigns without the aid of Ultan's door to the dreamlands. Of course, for me, it is and always will be part of Wishery. But the waking world is full of echoes of Wishery (or is the other way around?), so perhaps this dungeon can find its way directly into your Living Greyhawk or Duskvol or City State of the Invincible Overlord. I would be the last to imagine that I could contain such phantasms by placing them on a map.


  1. The print copies at the Melsonian Arts Council are sold out!

    1. They are. I am working on setting up world wide shipping on my big cartel webstore. I now understand better how all USPS shipping options work, and I can accurately price items. Shipping will likely be a bit more expensive than on Melsonia, but at least it will be available!

  2. I think its brilliant. Nice job Ben.

  3. There's a nice fit between your writing and Gus's maps.