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The Submerged Spire: Wandering Monsters

So on Sunday I posted an entire underwater dungeon: The Submerged Spire of Sarpedon the Shaper. You can take a look at it here. This is the wandering monster table for that place. But you could use it for any underwater adventure.

Chris Burdett

The Rules

For every 3 turns spent within the Submerged Spire, there is a 1 in 6 chance of encountering a wandering monster. There are two exceptions to this rule.

(1) Within dry areas (1, 22-23, 25-32), no wandering monsters will be encountered.

(2) Within the Open Room of the Central Tower (area 6), wandering monsters should be checked for every turn (10 min.).

Wandering Monsters (d8)

  1. Mako Shark HD4 AC4 MV15 Att: Bite 2d6. 
  2. 1d6 Sapless Ones HD2+2 AC7 MV12 Att: grasp 1-4 + strength loss. These are the shades of Sarpedon's experimental subjects. They steal furtively throughout the spire, always watching, appearing as the queer shadows cast by their former mutated forms. In the dark waters of the Submerged Spire, Sapless Ones surprise on a 1-5. They will bide their time until a lone party member is vulnerable, and then attempt to swarm him. They ignore armor when striking, and if they succeed on a to hit roll, the victim loses 1 strength for 1d6 turns.
  3. Necrophidius HD3 (24) AC2 Att: Bite 1d8+save vs. magic or be paralyzed for 1-4 turns. Special: +2 on surprise rolls, immune to sleep and charm, and may perform the dance of death: all viewing must save vs. magic or be hypnotized and rendered defenseless. This is the creature whose lair is in area 8. If it has been killed, substitute Replacement 1 below.
  4. 1d6 Luminous Jellies (small) MV12" HD1 AC8 Att: Tentacles 1d4 + save vs. poison or temporarily lose 1 point of constitution.
  5. School of Fish Wow, look at that, a whole school of fish
  6. 1d3 Cenarachs HD4 (16, 18, 20) AC6 MV12" Att: Bite 1d6+poison save or die. These are the Cenarachs whose lair is the Base of the North Tower (area 13). If they have all been killed, substitute with Replacement 2 below.
  7. Muscle Jelly HD6 HP30 AC10 SPD12' Att: Slam 1d8+2. Immune to mind affecting spells. This is a much smaller Muscle Jelly that escaped from the Bone and Muscle Workshop (area 25) to wandering the rest of the Spire. 
  8. 1d6 Apparition Shrimp HD2 AC2 MV9 Att: pincer/pincer 1d6/1d6. These massive (2' tall, 4' long) shellfish have been changed by feeding on the mutagen infused carcasses of Luminous Jellies. They have translucent, ghostly blue shells, and long wicked razored appendages. They travel in packs and are aggressive. 

Replacement 1: Rival Adventuring Party (Sahuagin)

This Sahuagin band has made its way into the Submerged Spire to collect luminous jellies for their unpleasant sacraments. They are in holy terror of the Spire, which they hold to be a sort of forbidden zone, sacred to The One Who Hunts, their dark deity. They are likely to flee if surprised, or if they suffer a casualty. But they are cunning, and will return with others, laying a careful trap.
Jannell Jaquays

Leader HD4(24) AC5 MV12 Attk: Lone Trident 1d10
Braves(x2) HD2+2 (11) AC5 MV12 Attk: Spear 1d6 (one riding a shark)
Shark Rider HD 2+2 (15) AC5 MV12 Attk: Longspear + Net 1d8
His Shark HD4 (18)  AC4 MV15 Attk: Bite 2d6
Priestess HD3(12) AC5 MV12 Attk: Claw/Claw/Bite 1d4/1d4/1d6 or spell: darkness, protection from good, cause light wounds

Replacement 2: Necrotic Shark 
After consuming Muscle Jellies within the Submerged Spire, this shark has undergone terrible changes at the cellular level. Its exterior is now covered with a bony carapace, not unlike a white lobster shell. It is slow (for a shark), and partially blind owing to a weakened sense of smell. But it is still a mighty hunter. Anyone bitten must save vs. disease or develop a similar affliction (natural ac 5, -6 charisma).
Necrotic Shark HD5 A2 MV9 Att: Diseased bite 2d6+sickness

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